Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello, I may be having to maybe be going. The Scottish Referendum

Original Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA
Tonight the votes are in on a major question in United Kingdom History.
Should Scotland stay within the U.K.? Or should it go it alone?
There has always been a dislike with being part of the British experience up North. The history has been martial, brutal, and bloody. (Ah, England.) But, for the most part, it has seemed the rank and file of Scotland have accepted their position, and had their impact on the U.K. Some have chaffed at being in the union, but most have embraced it.
At this point in the night it seems that, barring a surprise showing in the last 15 declarations, the answer from Scotland should be No. But it looks like it won't be a clear refusal of leaving the United Kingdom. Likely it will be in the 50% range. Close.

That isn't a resounding call for union. More a disgruntled call.

From all I've heard, up to a year or so ago, this wasn't even a concern. But the last years of conservative governance in the United Kingdom have been damaging. Damaging to the Scottish ties, and damaging to the nation's infrastructure.

Austerity. You may heard mention of the term here in the United States, but I first heard this buzzword from the likes of Prime Minister David Cameron. It's meant slashes the National Health Service (NHS). It's meant the privatizing of mail service. It's meant cutting and cutting of service. Cameron has gone with a gusto after social support and government services.

This has ticked off many in England. It's damn well pissed off many in Scotland. Scotland has long since set up it's own parliament for certain matters. But the Westminster set has been of value. Cameron has been dismantling that value. Some have made it clear that when the NHS was slashed, it was a breaking point.

In the last year the support for independence rose.

As a result Cameron, and other politicians, began an offensive. They were like jilted lover. Flowers. Sweet words.

But, as we all love, Scotland wanted presents. So promises of change have been made. More support. More power for the Scottish Parliament. The power to tax. Protection for the NHS in Scotland.

There have also been threats. Like a promise that the British Pound would be withdrawn from Scotland.

Over the last months the polling has been moving to balance out as a split. Perhaps these promises will make the difference. Perhaps it was always going to come down to a close No.

A historic schism of the U.K. is not likely now. But, if promises are kept, a historically more independent and empowered Scotland will continue within the U.K.

And if changes aren't coming for Scotland and national services, there can always be another referendum.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rifftrax Live did Godzilla.

Last week, the people from Rifftrax did a live riffing of the 90's horror for movies, Godzilla. In Godzilla, two hours are spent squandering a lot of money and a lot of potential.

Rifftrax felt it was it's turn to give the movie some kicks. I noted the run up to the event earlier (and if you want some MST3K nostalgia, check it out.) This week they've done an encore viewing for people.

The show was a fun time. It started much like ever live show does, with an introduction by the trio of Mike, Bill, and Kevin. We also got a short ad for October's next live event. Anaconda. It was an amusing ad that used some effects to show clips of that movie like it's a bad 70's grind house film.

Unfortunately they haven't made that ad available yet.

But their other reveal is available. A new introduction song and animation for all future Rifftrax releases. The animation comes from Harry Partridge. The music comes from Jonathan Coulton.

It makes for a silly way to introduce the concept of Rifftrax, the trio of riffers, and the catalog of riffed movies.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Trailer In Short - Fresh Off The Boat, Selfie, and Galavant (and a little more)

Almost time for the Fall season to start...TV Shows still have seasons, right?

A lot of bad shows are coming. But might some of them, say from ABC, be any good? ...

...Just be sure to watch, Galavant, okay?

Fresh Off The Boat

You see, I always get nervous when I see and hear accents and cultural differences played up on a show. It has gone bad so often. But I want to try out some optimism some time. This might actually be an amusing show about two parents, from outside the United States, trying to make succeed in life and business, while raising kids that have only known the American experience. It looks like it's also borrowing it's structure from Everyone Hates Chris.

But I still have that reflex reaction that it will fall back on mockery. Still, the show seems to be based on an autobiography of Eddie Huang, and he's an executive producers. Maybe it has a chance to be the first sitcom since Margaret Cho's to present Asian American culture.

I do like this cast. There are way too few Asian actors on TV or in movies. I can't help, but hope they succeed. They just got to watch out for network meddling. Those suits can be freaking clueless.


Speaking of cluelessness...What the hell. When I first started watching this trailer I thought it was a badly made movie trying to modernize My Fair Lady. Then you realize that someone is trying to stretch that concept into a whole television series.


Add to that that the show feels so insulting (it seems to mock people that use social media), and dumb, and trite, and a waste of the two lead actors.

Honestly, John Cho finally gets to lead a show (after guesting on Sleepy Hollow for a season), and this is what he gets? And Karen Gillian? I hope your movie career is taking off. This show isn't making it through it's slate of episodes. ...Unless they've made a deal with the same demon that keeps Two and A Half Men on.

They look like they are trying, but, man! Give those two a better show!

Galavant - Freaking Galavant. We all have to watch this show!!!

This just looks fun. It has adventure, fairy tales, music, twist on old conventions, music, silliness...We just don't have shows like this anymore.

Granted a good reason we don't is that they can fall on their faces. But this just looks so promising. I guess with the success of Once Upon A Time and various musicals, someone at ABC said,"Eh, why not." Apparently it will be the midseason replacement for Once Upon A Time while it's on break.

Plus we get Timothy Omundson, who was last on the show Psych. He can be both amusing and menacing.

It will be great to see how they find the balance for humor, song, and story/adventure.

As it is, it kind of takes me back to the early 80's and another show (short lived), Wizards and Warriors.

It was silly fun. And you got Jeff Conaway, Julia Duffy, Clive Revill and Duncan Regehr. This needs to get to DVD (Oh wait, it is available to order.).

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hobbits on a Plane

In case you've never seen the Air New Zealand safety video, using Middle Earth as a theme, here we are. Enjoy.

"Flight Attendant! Gollum is kicking my seat back."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Trailers in Short - Heroes Really Do Come In Different Shapes And Sizes Edition

There want be a drought on heroics in the theaters anytime soon. And some of them won't even be sequels or remakes! Let's meet the sweet hero of Big Hero 6, the return of the Ghostbusters, the guardians of 80's movies, the little heroes of The Hobbit. and some heroes in a half shell.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

More from Star Wars Rebels *UPDATED*

I already took a look at the setup for the upcoming new Star Wars animated series, Star Wars Rebels. While I included some previews of scenes from the show, there are more that have been released.

Hera isn't taking anyone's guff.

I'm adding the recently released more complete version of the above scene, with more of Kanan, and a lot more of Chopper getting stuck keeping the ship together and saving the day.


Zeb and Ezra team up.

Kanan and Ezra meet the Inquisitor.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Rifftrax Live Does Godzilla *UPDATED*

Coming next week the people behind Rifftrax will be presenting a live riffing of Godzilla...the really bad 90's one. It will be a blast to see this underwhelming monster face it's fate. And it will be nice to see Godzilla take a pasting.

It's been a long time in coming.

If you'd like a reminder about that dreadful Godzilla movie, try Screen Jumkies' Honest Trailers.

And if you need a bit more. Look at Crow T. Robot's look at the movie.


And here's a bit more nostalgia, tied to the video just above. Mike and the Bots on the CBS News Weekend Morning Show way back when Godzilla was about to come out, and we didn't know how bad it was going to bomb. Still, MST meets CBS.