Friday, October 24, 2014

Remember the Treehouse of Horror 25 title sequence?

The 2013 show proved to be quite a spectacle. But will 2014 try to top it, or go another way?

This year they open on some planet and the big show there. They begin announcing an array of stars that will be appearing. They also start playing the classic Tonight Show music. Is that still being used? If not, when was the last time it was used since the days of Johnny Carson?

We then get a variety of shots from various Treehouse of Horrors over the years. It is a nice call back to many of the stories that they told. I actually am blanking on some of them. Makes for a good excuse to go and enjoy them this weekend.

Can Constantine usher in DC Horror?

It's October 24th, so it's time for another DC Comics series to premiere on TV. This time it's a former Vertigo Comics star who's been moved into the Nu52...If you don't read comics that made no sense...Never mind.

John Constantine!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Remember the Treehouse of Horror 24 title sequence?

Now done with 2012, what will 2013 bring?! Well, they gave plenty of notice that Guillermo Del Toro was going to create the 2013 Treehouse of Horror opening. Anticipation was palpable.

We start much the way a normal episode opens, but with a stormy night's sky. In fact it is reminiscent of the original openings with the storm. Also the normal opening bird has been modified.

And then it's killed.

Now on to The Simpsons.

Remember the Treehouse of Horror 23 title sequence?

Will we open this year's show much like 2011's? With parody. Let's see.

We open in...Chichen Itza? That is new.

It's looking a lot like Springfield, old sights and faces.

The leaders of the community(including Bumblebee Man, I guess) are discussing the "imminent" doom of the world in so many baktun.

But they have a cunning plan to save the future. They've chosen a special sacrifice to fatten up to appease the gods.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Riffing for Halloween

More Halloween riffs?

As it is, Rifftrax is already doing a live riffing of Anaconda just before Halloween. But that's not all we're getting. Working with Mashable, the Rifftrax team has another bit of fun. Some Peanuts yucks.

A short piece from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

This is not including a number of other good choices from RifftraxCinematic Titanic, and classic MST3K. Here are a couple of examples.

From MST, a short. Out of This World. It has a devil at working corrupting a man' ethic. Okay, it's not scary. But there are some costumes. ..And a lot of bread.

Also, the opening of Cinematic Titanic's live riff of Alien Factor. Aliens come to a small town, and death follows.

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Carmilla (Web Series)

After posting on Frankenstein MD, I was a Tumblr post showing this:

Carmilla? There's a Carmilla web series?! Tell me more!

Or, show me.

Well, here's a trailer for the web series.

So it looks like they are playing some with story. In the past I have looked at this tale. So I understand the impulse to tweak it. A lot of the story is static (useful for a web series budget), but it's setting could use updating from the old castle where the young woman is living with her father.

A new roommate is an amusing way to introduce Carmilla. But it is clear they will be playing loosely with much of the story. Still it is fun to see how they call back to the original tale, and to other works of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. And it is clear they are approaching the story with a sense of humor.

Here's the YouTube playlist for the series. And the first four episodes.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Remember the Treehouse of Horror 22 title sequence?

After last year, will Treehouse of Horror XXII prove to be a much needed palette cleanser?

Let's find out.

We open on an odd sight. Dead Santa on a roof.

We pan away and see it's the Simpson's house. I guess it's been up there since last Christmas...wait?

We also see some nice callbacks and choices. The tombstones in the front yard honor characters that have died in the show.

Also, I may be totally wrong, but I was thinking that Lisa is dressed up in honor of Bleeding Gums Murphy. And Bart's an astronaut?

Ah! A man in a spacesuit who's carrying an alien embryo. Maggie pops out in costume. Nice. And a little callback to one of the good jokes from last time.

The kids are ready to enjoy their Halloween haul, but Marge appears. She's playing the whole of a witch that takes away candy and gives better things in it's place.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


This makes the 2000 post of this blog. Not sure if that's impressive, or sad.

But, hey, I am obliged to note the event, right?

Remember the Treehouse of Horror 21 title sequence?

Now we are passed the 20 year mark on these shows. In 2010 what will we see?

The show opens on the Simpson home, with Homer and Bart sitting outside.

The pair are carving Jack O'Lanterns.

But Bart gets bored and decides to carve something else.

Homer responds as he always does...You sometimes forget how disturbing that is to see...Does he still do this in the show? ...It really is just wrong.

Bart, fighting for his life, smashes a lit carved pumpkin over Homer's head.

The pumpkin ignites Homer's head.

And Homer begins to run around...And I am hearkening back to a more pleasant opening with VII.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Remember the Treehouse of Horror 20 title sequence?

Passing out of 2008, we now reach the 20th anniversary of these Simpsons' Halloween Specials.

We pan up to a castle overlooking the city.


Inside Frankenstein's monster rests.


But now he rises.


And heads out.


But comes back for the lights.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sleepy Hollow (S2) Review - Episode 3 - Root of All Evil - "The other side of the coin."

Once more unto the breach for some Sleepy Hollow. Last time we got sent into the mangle. Are we out now?  No! My pinkie is still wedged in there! Ow!!!

So what is the "Root of All Evil"? Sometimes it's TV writers tormenting you. Other times it's, as the saying goes, money. How will money play into this episode?

Well I won't tell you let. Let's get to the troubles remaining from the last episode.

Irving remains locked in a psychiatric ward. When Abbie and Ichabod try to talk to him, they find they are barred by his lawyer. Henry Parrish.

So they are cut off, until later Ichabod comes up with a scheme. He visits another patient who seems to not entirely to communicate. Through that, he's able to contact Irving, and give him the bad news.

"This is so embarrassing. I didn't think you'd find out I was visiting other

Irving is in a bind. He's agreed to having Henry as his lawyer. And Henry has promised to get him out. It's been his only good news in a while. Without him, he may spend the rest of his life trapped in a psychiatric hospital.

What can he do?

Cats need there Halloween fun.

At this season it's important to let everyone in on the festivities.

So don't saddle cats with lemons.

They need pumpkin!!!

NEW Horror Host fun

It;s the time of year when we all should be giving horror movies some love. It's also a good time to appreciate the good work of any local horror hosts. (Really they are to enjoy all year long.) Of course these days it is easier to find and watch horror host shows. On some channels on my cable I have a couple of horror host shows like Svengoolie. And that doesn't even mention shows that are done, or made available online. Check them out!

Some favorites of mine who are working on new material are mentioned below:

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Remember the Treehouse of Horror 19 title sequence?

Now on to the 19th year. While 2007 had it's charm, what will 2008 hold?

An election year!


Remember '08?




Trailers In Short - Adventurous Fun Edition

Adventure! Who doesn't want it? Okay, not everyone. But we all do, right? So let's quest for a feast. Let's best a good book. And let's see if anyone can hit the right note.

Feast. Librarians. Galavant.

Disney's Feast

Okay this is just too cute. I wonder what the whole short will be? But if it's just a stray that finds a home and has a love affair with food...It'll still be cute.

Why can't I hug animation?!

The Librarians

So, finally, after 10 years we are getting a series.

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Frankenstein, MD (Web Series)

Among web series that can make some fun and interesting watching this October, I have to suggest this. Frankenstein, MD.

It comes from the PBS Digital Studios. What it enacts is a modern telling of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. But the title makes that obvious.

It deviates by making the focus Victoria Frankenstein (played by Anna Lore). She likes to talk like she is a full and proper doctor, but she isn't...yet. Just a little more work and the honor will go to her.

As she finishes her studies she delves into various areas of scientific interest, eager show her merit as a brilliant researchers. Along the way she is assisted by a fellow student, Iggy DeLacey (played by Steve Zaragoza).

The structure of the show is that she's making a web show, where she can showcase the wonders of science, and her research. Her experiments help shape where the show goes. This breaks the story of Frankenstein into episodes. The result is the tale of an eager almost doctor, her research, and how it starts to go out of control. Woe to Frankenstein, MD.

This may sound familiar to another book that was remade as an episodic take. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. This project comes from the same group, Pemberley Digital.

Remember the Treehouse of Horror 18 title sequence?

With the 2006 show passed us, let's see what the 18th year had to show?

And we are back with Marge at the open. This time she's frosting some Halloween cupcakes, instead of standing before a theater curtain.


When the camera pans up to her, she welcomes us and says that while it's been a week since Halloween, at the Simpsons house they are keeping the spirit alive and...


...then an onscreen ad for American Idol pops up over her.


And she deals with it.